Redheaded Toon Nailed In The Car

March 30th, 2010

Sex On Hawaii

Take a look at these pictures of this busty redheaded girl who just can’t keep he pants on! She and her best friend had been out cruising in the snow when their car got stuck in a snow drift. Terri laughed and started joking with her friend that it would probably take hours for a tow truck to get there so they better stay warm the old fashioned way. Before the stud could even respond she had his pants unzipped and his weenie in her mouth!

It was just then that the tow truck chap showed up early and as Terri kept sucking Don’s rod he asked the guy to tow the car with them in it. The tow truck man told him that he couldn’t do that but when he looked down and saw Terri with a mouthful of penis he smiled and said that he’d make an exception for a front row ticket. Going back to his truck he looked in the rearview mirror and saw Terri get out her massive marangos and sit on Don’s lap with her wet pussy getting wetter by the minute. It wasn’t long before Dan had his meaty knob sunk in to her tight slit!

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